Frontal Closure Vs Top Closure?

Frontal: goes ear to ear and measure approximately 13"x5"
Top: covers the area that is left out at top "u-shaped leave out" and  measures 3.5"x5"

What is the difference between “weft” hair & “braiding” hair?

Braiding Hair: Also referred to as "Bulk hair"  is loose hair that is used for braiding, ventilating ( constructing lace wigs by hand), fusion,  and many other extension styles. It will come tied in a bundle ready for use, imagine a ponytail.

Weft Hair: Also referred to as "tracks", this is hair that is sewn together to create a weft. Machine wefts are made by sewing strands of hair together with a hair sewing machine. This hair type is used for  weaving. Often used for sewn or bonded (with hair glue) extension into a track ready for the weaving process.

What are your business hours?


Business Hours


 Monday - Friday: 4P to 9P CST
Saturday: 10A to 3P CST
Sunday: CLOSED

Can I color my hair?

Yes, you can color your hair. Coloring can be damaging to both your hair and your tresses, so please be careful when opting to color your hair.

**Please consult a professional for proper coloring techniques/tips/upkeep.**


Can I straighten my hair?

Yes, all of the VTbYOUt tresses can be straightened and return back to the hairs natural form with the application of moisture. **Excessive straightening/heat can be damaging to both your hair and your VTbYOUt Tresses**

How long will my hair last?

With PROPER care your hair can last 6months to a year. Longevity increases with proper upkeep and maintenance. Coloring the hair
is damaging. Make sure to provide proper moisture and be mindful of the upkeep that is required for extensions.

L♥ve your hair and it will l♥ve you back! :)

Will the hair tangle/shed like beauty supply hair?

VTbYOUt has ALL the cuticles intact and are in the same direction, which prevents and minimize tangling and matting. With packaged beauty supply hair the cuticles have been removed with harsh chemicals, which strip all the natural nutrients from the hair. We also secure the hair with tight wefts to prevent shedding. Beauty supply hair is no comparison to this grade of hair. Please make sure to properly care for your tresses to ensure the quality remains.

Why should I seal my wefts?

I personally do not seal my wefts. It is good for extra reinforcement. When the bundles are obtained the hair is collected from donors (their ponytails). Before the hair is made into tracks it looks like "braiding hair", then the hair is sewn to make what is known as the "weft". Sealing tracks helps to better keep the hair in place if you cut the track, bring the needle through the track, etc. When the thread is loosened in the weft area or anything is done to alter that foundation the "sealant" will at that time provide extra security.

Do you offer “student discounts”?

No, I do not. All discounts that are available are open to ALL customers unless otherwise noted.

Do you have a business phone?

Yes, 512 677 9688

  • Mon - Fri: 4pm to 9pm CST
  • Sat: 10am to 3pm CST
  • Sunday: Closed


What products do you recommend?

  • Denman Brush
  • Light Oil
  • Sulfate-Free Products
  • Scarf
  • Alcohol Free products

Do you seal the wefts?

No, we no longer offer weft sealing services.

Do you offer half-bundles?

No, half bundles are not offered at this time.

How do I blend my hair with the Curly Tresses?

Blending is easiest with a side part and is most difficult with a middle part.
Bantu-Knot method = your hair needs to be damp for this blending method. You need to gather your leave out with some of your extensions and create bantu-knots around the perimeter. Whenever you are blending ALWAYS blend your hair with the weave. Never just try to manipulate your leave out on its own. Khiaphierce has a video on this method. You can follow that method, but I recommend blending with the weave as she only twisted her leave out. Grabbing a portion of the weave with a section of you hair will allow it to blend better.

If you use a curling wand, use the end of the wand as it is the smallest part and will help you to get the smallest curls.

YouTube Tutorial


Why are your processing times a maximum of 2-10 business days?

During this estimated time frame transactions are being confirmed by the payment processor. We do not see when the funds leave the buyers account. Please understand that the confirmation process is in place to protect both YOU as the buyer and Variant Touch Of bYOUt as a business.  This time frame is unique to each individual transaction.

  1. If your transaction is CONFIRMED, you receive an email letting you know that your order is complete.
  2. If your transaction is NOT CONFIRMED, you receive an email letting you know that your order is canceled and the funds will return to the card holders account.

Do you have overnight or 1-day shipping?

No, we do not offer this service.

How long will it take for my order to reach me?

  • Ground Shipping: Your order will arrive within 5- 17 business days (shipping + processing)
  • International Express : Your order will arrive within 5- 17 business days (shipping + processing)

VTbYOUt is not liable for any additional fees or taxes issued by customs **(Delivery time may be
longer in the event that an item is held by customs)

**All orders are shipped after they have completed the processing stage. Processing can take an average of 2-12 business days (not including shipping). Please prepare for longer processing times if purchasing during a sale.**

I want curly hair, but I don’t know how to pick the lengths.

All textures that are not bone straight are stretched to obtain measurements. The list measurement reflects the hair length while straight. For non-straight textures I recommend selecting a length a minimum of 2 inches longer than lengths you are accustomed to.
 For Example: If you want your curly or wavy hair to fall at 14", Select a 16" bundle. 

Why are there strands of gray hair in my bundles?

Our hair donors vary in age; in the event that a bundle was collected from a donor that is older grey hairs may be present throughout a bundle.

How much hair will I need for my install?

The amount of hair needed varies by the length that you will be using. The longer the hair length the shorter the weft length will be.

  • 14" -18": Install can be achieved with 2 bundles
  • 18" -30": It is recommended to use 3 bundles for an install
Hair length(inches) Weft width(cm)
14” 400
16” 350
18” 320
20” 280
22” 260
24” 220
26” 200
28” 170
30” 150

What is “Virgin” Hair?

Virgin hair simply means that the hair is unprocessed. Our hair is collected from one donor. Virgin hair has not been treated with perms, dye, or bleach. Our hair is NOT chemically treated  (unless requesting a colored product). We supply hair in it's natural state and
guaranteed to be in correct cuticle alignment. The pureness of the hair allows for versatility and INCREASED longevity!