What Is Virgin Hair?
It is unprocessed hair. Virgin hair is hair that has not been treated with perms, dye, bleach, or any other chemicals.
How Many Bundles (Pieces Of Hair) Come With The Listed Price?
Prices are listed per bundle(piece of hair). 
How Much Hair Do I Need For An Install?
The number of bundles needed varies based on your desired fullness. Please keep in mind longer bundle length = shorter weft length. Below are some recommendations:
  • 14" - 18":  2 bundles
  • 18" - 24": 3 bundles
  • 26" - 30": 4 bundles
Can I Color My Hair?
Yes. We recommend contacting a professional for proper coloring techniques, tips, and upkeep. Coloring can be damaging to both your hair and your tresses, so please be careful when opting to color your hair.
 What Is The Difference Between Frontal & Top Closures?
Frontal: Applied across the front of the head. It measures from ear to ear (13"x 4")
Top: Typically used applied at the crown of the head (4"x 4").
Do You Offer Student Discounts?

No. At this time, the discounts that are available are open to ALL customers unless otherwise noted.

How Is The Hair Measured??

All hair is stretched to collect length measurements. The posted lengths are approximate measurements when the hair is stretched in a straightened state. Curly (Tropic) and Wavy (Exotic) textures will appear shorter than the posted length while in the natural state. 

How Much Does The Hair Weigh?



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How Long Does Shipping Take?Please refer to our shipping policy for details.

Which Shipping Carriers Are Used?

Domestic | USPS, FEDEX

International | USPS 

Do Shipments Require a Signature?

Yes. All shipments require a signature.

 Hair Styling

Can I Straighten My Hair?

Yes! Excessive heat usage can be damaging to your hair. 

Product Recommendations

Use light products. Please refer to our tutorials or email us for recommendations based on texture.

How Long Will My Hair Last?

Longevity will depend on how the hair is maintained. 














       Washing Your VTbYOUt Bundles 

      Warm water opens up the hair follicle making it easier to absorb moisture 

      Cool water seals/closes the hair follicle