Helpful Hair Care Tips

Please review the following tips to aid in the maintenance of your extensions. Proper maintenance will increase the longevity of your hair.

We offer 100% virgin hair; therefore it can be dyed, bleached, relaxed or permed. We strongly recommend that all chemical alterations be done professionally. We strongly recommend you seek assistance from a professional when wanting to chemically process your hair.

Prior to any chemical alterations, a strand test should be performed. Be aware that performing these services can change the texture and/or pattern of the hair.

„Note that relaxing, perming, coloring, lifting or otherwise processing Variant Touch Of bYOUt hair voids ALL EXCHANGE AND REPLACEMENT guarantees.


  • Inspect your hair prior to installing
  • Co-Wash (condition wash) hair prior to install
  • Only rinse hair with lukewarm or cool water
  • Only wash hair in a downward motion
  • Do not massage hair
  • Only use sulfate free shampoo or shampoo no higher than a PH 7 
  • Shampoo bi-weekly (when necessary)
  • Comb from bottom to top
  • Let hair hair dry
  • Use minimal styling products to avoid buildup and maintain body and movement
  • Avoid excessive heat
  • Sleep with satin scarf, bonnet, cap, or pillow
  • Don't sleep on wet hair
  • Swimming
    • It is not recommended that you swim with extensions. Chlorine and salt water are damaging to the hair. However, if you do the following precautions are recommended:
      • Comb or brush through the hair
      • Apply a leave-in conditioner to hair to act as a protective layer
      • Braiding hair may help to prevent tangling
      • Afterwards thoroughly shampoo and condition hair.


Exotic & Tropic Collection 

  • Co-Wash weekly
  • Braid hair at night 
  • Apply leave in conditioner to style & detangle
    • 3 part water 1 part conditioner 
    • Detangle with a wide tooth comb
  • Avoid excessive hair scrunching can cause frizz
  • Sleep with satin scarf, bonnet, cap, or pillow
  • Don't sleep on wet hair


Our closures have a lace base, which allows for a realistic look. Please refrain from excessive tugging, scratching, or pulling on the hair as strands of hair may be released from the base.

  • Applying shampoo or conditioner near the base of your unit may cause the delicate workmanship to unravel.
  • „  Repair:
    • If you are experiencing balding or thin areas in your Frontal or Closure, please seek a professional who specializes in re-ventilation. Re-ventilation is a process that involves adding more hair to balding or thin areas. A specialist can also repair tears in the lace, add hair, or even replace lace where it has been worn out.